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About the site :
User Interface Development Blogs and Discussion. All about browser quirks, random thoughts and interesting  reads found during the day to  day activity involving CSS,  Web Browsers, HTML , XSL. FLASH , Information Architecture & Design, Facebook Applications etc.A total experience dump of knowledge  gathered after working years on these areas.

Site Desgin & CSS By :
Tushar Deshmukh (www.2shar.in), Nikhil D. Kunder (www.egraffitics.com)

Information Architect : Amit Ayre (www.ayre.in)

About us:
Consulting web developers , working full time as a Web Developers.

Feel free to recommend us on any topics that you wish us to dig deep into. We are always trying to work current methods and techniques around the above mentioned areas. Currently working on Facebook Apps, Evolving CSS Layouts, Mootools  etc.

Here are some sites that bear our credits…

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