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How To Enable Writing to Status Bar (window.status) in Firefox

Monday, April 6th, 2009 By Nikhil

Another old school memory supplemental…

Why do we to enable windos.status?
Javascripts could to be a nightmare when you have something to debug .  Firefox does have a few handy addons, like Firebug thats makes our lives easy  and   Also , the vote for the  most popular debug  technique in Javascript must go to “ALERT()” .  Anywaz! There are few instances when adding ALERT do debug your mis-behaving Javascript  is just isn’t a good idea. For example! you have dragble item whose position  needs to be alerted …. NO NO! Dont do it! … you will  just get  infinite alerts  or you wont be able actually drap your dragable. Well! There are more good situations, where you might writing out debug texts to the status bar, much more usful… Believe me! Its Experience!

IE by default left you write to the browser STATUS Bar  using the syntax “window.status = ‘ something to debug’ “, but FireFox doesn’t  . So to enable windows status change , you can do either of the following.

Open about:config in browser ( type “about:config this into the address bar )  and search for
.  Change it to false… just click on the entry to toggle its state.

OR Alternatively

Tools → Options → Content → Enable JavaScript / Advanced → Change status bar text

And also note that … to write to the status bar in your Javascript, IE is just ok if you use a short syntax i.e. status =’ some debug text’ but in FireFox, you have to use in full syntax i.e.  window.status = ‘ something to debug’

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Blinking Cursor in Firefox – Accessibility Caret Browsing

Thursday, November 20th, 2008 By Nikhil

In Firefox… sometimes you might have noticed that  the cursor starts blinking on the screen. It might happen when you click on any element on the page , a division or an image etc. This Blinking Cursor in the browser window is actually an ACCESSIBILITY Feature of FireFox called ‘caret browsing’. This features  allows/enables  users to select text on the page with the keyboard ( Which we normally tend to do with the use of our mouse).

Well! if you donot want this feature … simple press “F7” to toggle it to false  and vice-versa ( if you want it ON).  You could also  type “about:config” in the address bar (type in “caret” in the filter box) and simply double click to change the option “accessibility.browsewithcaret” from “true” (turn caret browsing ON) to “false” ( turn caret browsing OFF)

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